Holiday Cards

card stitch



Haven’t posted in a while, but here are these cards that I have been working on lately. Finally finished them! I’ll post some pictures of the printed versions within the week!


The Character

Nathan Lane




The man, the character. If you haven’t guessed already that’s Nathan Lane! Hands down one of most fun faces to paint. I had a lot of fun, celebrity portraits are always a blast. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve painted in Photoshop in this way. Hope y’all like it!

Happy Wednesday to all.


Wine Label 1



First in a series of three wine label redesigns for Fox Run Winery. This is for the Arctic Fox White Wine. Painted in Photoshop, 9″ x 12″. More to come very soon.


© Copyright 2013 Colleen McNally

Driving in Saudi Arabia

Beyond the Bricks


New illustration for the Reporter. The article is about women and their fight against the restrictions on women’s driving rights in Saudi Arabia. Looking ahead to a better future in which all women are allowed to drive, the girl in the illustration is saying goodbye to the past and moving on forward.


© Copyright 2013 Colleen McNally



Journalistic 1 Journalistic 2 Journalistic 3



Finally finished, color was the most fun part! Anyways, it was fun to explore something different than what I’ve been doing as of late (mainly trying to get a good marriage of digital and traditional).