Animals & Bikes

mural gif



Mural final



There it is! All finished and the animals are all ready to bike on. Had a lot of fun painting those animals, I think mostly because I never draw animals. Anyways happy Wednesday y’all!


And the pop ups continue…

Color Composition



Color Comp for the next pop up spread. The story is about a squirrel scout named Sheldon who is bullied for being extremely tall. In this scene he meets some monsters who share his outcast status. (and height). Future friends. Planning on adding some more interesting details (feels too empty right now) but hoping this one really pops. HA HA.

Trying something a little new

Work in Progress




A work in progress, a book cover for John Green’s book An Abundance of Katherines. Working very different than I usually do, it’s more time consuming but I am liking it so far.


More to come on this series of book covers. (It’s gonna be a long next few days).