And the pop ups continue…

Color Composition



Color Comp for the next pop up spread. The story is about a squirrel scout named Sheldon who is bullied for being extremely tall. In this scene he meets some monsters who share his outcast status. (and height). Future friends. Planning on adding some more interesting details (feels too empty right now) but hoping this one really pops. HA HA.

Color Comp for a Pop Up Halloween Card!

Banshee Blowout




This is a color comp for a Halloween card that I’m making in Pop Up Books! The image on the left will be the front of the card. (There’s an eyeball there instead of a peephole, ha ha). The wider image on the right will be the inside of the card, with the ghosts in the foreground popping out. Imagine if you will confetti streaming in the air, that will be made by the coil pop up mechanism. Hooray ghost part over here!