Happy Halloween!




Celebrate tonight folks


Ghost Partay

ghost partay




It’s the final painting for the pop up card I’m constructing! It’s a stitch, but the door is going the be the front of the card, while the inside will be a glimpse of the ghosts’ fun halloween party! Painted with gouache, and cleaned up a teeny bit in Photoshop. Final images to follow soon!


final(ish) sketch



I posted a color comp a few weeks ago for this card that I’m currently working on. ┬áBut this is closer to what the inside is going to look like. Final painting should be done by the end of this weekend!


Getting excited!

Progress…(little by little)

The cover for a pop-up card I'm creating for Halloween!
The cover for a pop-up card I’m creating for Halloween!

Welp, it’s been a while since I have painted anything traditionally from start to finish. Ta-da!

I’m hoping to get back into traditionally painting for a little bit, gouache is a new monster to tackle.

Color Comp for a Pop Up Halloween Card!

Banshee Blowout




This is a color comp for a Halloween card that I’m making in Pop Up Books! The image on the left will be the front of the card. (There’s an eyeball there instead of a peephole, ha ha). The wider image on the right will be the inside of the card, with the ghosts in the foreground popping out. Imagine if you will confetti streaming in the air, that will be made by the coil pop up mechanism. Hooray ghost part over here!