Dreamin of the Summatime


Lily pads



I found the top photo earlier this week and it inspired me to do some painting. (and yearn for the summertime!) I miss painting for fun. Anyways, happy Saturday, y’all!


Fooling the Devil

sketchbook final rendering

Hey Y’all, I know I haven’t been posting a lot, but here’s a piece that I just finished.  The concept is “fooling the devil”.  These kids are getting out of eating their vegetables by feeding them to some hungry puppies!

In Class Painting

Frog Statue

I haven’t been posting consistently, so here is my attempt to give y’all a daily update.  These are two paintings in progress (done in Adobe Photoshop) that I made in class today.  They were painted from photo reference and I spent a half an hour on each painting.  I will most likely be uploading the finished images sometime soon!